Five Best types of Online Marketing

Our Pick – Best types of Online Marketing

Online marketing is a promotional field that is, arguably, the most important domain of promotion for anyone right now. With online marketing, it is possible to reach a global audience. More importantly, unlike traditional marketing avenues like print or TV, online variation offers a means of targeted promotion. The same process entails focusing on the users that are interested in the same products or services. This lowers the costs of promotional campaigns and at the same time, boosts their effectiveness. However, right now, there are over a dozen different types of online marketing. All of these come with their specific advantages and it is often not easy to pick the right ones. With that in mind, here is an overview of the five best types of online marketing.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

This alternative is one of the oldest means of online promotion. It includes hiring big companies, like Google Adwords, which have a huge network of publishers. On these publisher websites, the ad from the user gets shown and anyone who is interested in it can learn more. The ads are shown for free, but once someone clicks on them, the users are charged, which is how these ads got their name. PPC is great for general and long-lasting marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing

The email protocols were invented almost half a century ago, but even now, they are more than effective as a means of online marketing. They include sending emails in bulk to potential customers, along with a detailed description, images, links and anything else that might be needed. Email marketing is great for anyone who has a solid list of interested customers, also known as leads.

Social Media

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social media websites are exceedingly popular. On these websites, companies can purchase ads that come with a huge potential – the ability to filter only the user group that is interesting to them. This can be done on the basis of demographics, user behavior, preferences and so much more. This way, social media is probably the best route for anyone looking to get to a really narrow audience.

Video marketing

Video streaming services really came into their own in the 2000s when YouTube began its dominance of the marketplace. Today, it and other networks like Vimeo are a great source of potential video marketing opportunities. Their key benefit is the ability to communicate visually with the customers, allowing for both brand building and brand discovery in equal measure. It also provides a chance to showcase the goods and services being offered, making the new customers more likely to choose that company instead of the competition. This is something that virtually no other type of online marketing provides.


A blog was created as a means of easy personal expression on the internet. But, in the decades that came, it evolved into one of the most relevant ways of so-called “influencer marketing” where a well-known individual (blogger) promotes something. By finding the right bloggers a company can attain incredible allies for their marketing efforts. The best thing about them is that they provide a dynamic collaborative environment. This is why companies can arrange any kind of a promotional agreement with the bloggers of their choice.

With one or more of these alternatives, anyone engaged in the promotion will learn that these really are the best types of online marketing.